Software Development for Startups


Starting software development is one of the main stages in the formation of a startup. This work must be done qualitatively, so it is given great attention. A startup without software will most likely not be able to function. In addition, a startup has an innovative nature, so usually ready-made solutions may not be suitable for it. It is necessary to develop something fundamentally new or use highly modified classical solutions. Only then the startup will have high profitability and attract large investments.

When you may need custom web development services for your business

Startups can be at different stages of development, so they may require different services. For example, there are the following stages of startup development:

  •  Idea or only minor developments. In this case, the startup development service should make investors interested in investing in the idea.
  •  Finished product or its prototype. Web development should adapt to the product to present it in the most profitable way.
  •  Fully functional business. Allows you to combine different processes in a business startup so that they can function in one ecosystem.

That is, web development services may be needed both by a start-up developer and a business that has reached a large scale but needs quality software to continue quality work.

How product development for startups can help - an example of a Ukrainian startup with quality software

Software development services for a startup can turn a great idea into a really useful product. A striking example of INPUT SOFT is a Ukrainian startup that analyzes data from airports to optimize the flight planning process.

Today, this area is outdated not only in Ukraine but also in the world's largest airports, which continue to use Excel spreadsheets and paper forms. The startup collects data automatically to make the process easier, more accurate and efficient, optimizing technical and human resources.

How the software development for INPUT SOFT launch is going on

The platform was developed on the example of a large electronic glider, where changes can be made by all companies that serve flights. Thus, participants of flight planning can not only view the information, but having access to it, make the necessary changes in real time.

The software allows you to view important information:

  •  Number of vehicles;
  •  The nuances of passenger and baggage transportation;
  •  Technical condition of equipment for transportation and repair of aircraft;
  •  Schedule and many other nuances.

Launching a software business of this format will reduce inaccuracies in air transportation and increase the intensity of startup development in the shortest possible time.