Crypto Trading Bot Development Company


Blockchain is a very popular investment area. However, most crypto startups are not customer-oriented. For example, many crypto users face inconveniences when buying tokens or other cryptocurrency-related transactions. Thanks to the development of crypto trading bots, interaction with the crypto sphere becomes more accessible and convenient. Automation is a must in such a leading field as a crypto startup.

Development of a Crypto Trading Bot

A cryptocurrency trading bot allows you to automate the process. But for a crypto startup to be successful, you need to take into account many nuances:

  • - Ease of use.
  • - What coins it can work with.
  • - Platforms that the bot can work with for trading.
  • - Other additional functions and their overall usefulness.

Thanks to the bot, you can significantly reduce the time spent on market analysis and immediately engage in transactions for the sale or purchase of products.

Integration of an AI chatbot - the most popular Revenuebot

This is a bot that is available for free. It is able to synchronize with the most popular platforms and crypto exchanges. For example, it can be used on various cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • - Exmo;
  • - Livecoin;
  • - Binance;
  • - Bittrex;
  • - OKEX;
  • - Bitmax;
  • - Kraken, and others.

A versatile and convenient tool that attracted users with its accessibility.

Stratum Bot

Stratum Bot is a simple and convenient bot. It is used for automatic trading. It is especially popular among users who are just gaining experience in the cryptocurrency sphere. It has a DCA that allows you to keep the situation under control in difficult circumstances. Stop loss protects against excessive losses. The bot is supported by only two exchanges, Binance and YoBit. However, while it can be used for free on YoBit, Binance charges $13 per month.


This is a platform where you can use an unlimited number of bots, although you need to focus on the number of trading pairs supported by the exchange. The development of bots for crypto trading allows you to use this program on many popular exchanges - KuCoin, Bitfinex, Binance, CoinsBit, and many others. The bot already has built-in strategies, so the user only needs to make minor adjustments. However, the tariff is expensive - from $30 to $100 per month.

Cryptocurrency bots have both pros and cons. They are not subject to human emotions and can multitask. But in order not to harm trading, you still need to control the bot. To do this, it is worth developing your own chatbot for cryptocurrency trading by contacting professionals.