Innovative ideas and features that can improve chatbot capabilities


The tech world is constantly evolving, with big companies competing for new AI developments and adding new and ambitious features to their apps to improve their performance. But you can use what has been known for a long time. A good solution for improving chatbot functionality is the ability to solve sales optimization problems in any business. This opportunity is the use of conversational intelligence to analyze communication between a customer and a manager.

The main task of the system is to record, transcribe, and analyze negotiations, as well as develop a successful strategy and recommend the best ones for all company employees. Thanks to this approach, the training time for new employees is reduced by several times.

Some companies have already started automating their sales managers. For several years now, giant companies have been creating apps that process information much better than humans.

Implementation of functions in apps

In order for a chatbot to work properly and avoid any mishaps, you need to follow a clear plan, namely

  • - Defining the purpose of the app. What is the purpose of your app, what benefits will it bring.
  • - Writing the application. This business should be entrusted to a professional, or if you have an experienced person in your team, you need to write taking into account all the subtleties and maximum simplicity.
  • - Testing the application. Before the general update, you need to make sure that everything is working correctly.
  • - Publication. This is the most important stage.

Do not forget that you need to follow all the wishes of users, because they can give new ideas for improving your application.

What is the impact of introducing new features.

Compared to the functionality of Gong AI, modern chatbots lose out because they are not programmed to communicate with two people, namely, a manager and a user. Still, such AI technology can be implemented in bots. The main task of a chatbot is to answer questions that concern the user. Usually, these answers and questions are in the form of text messages, and since it is easier for software to process text requests than voice ones, you can create a similar application that will perform the same functions.

The more useful features your chatbot has, the more popular it will be due to its functionality. But don't forget that an overabundance of useless features will only hinder the user experience.